5 Reasons Georgia is Great for Holiday

They say traveling is not a luxury, it’s a necessity, and I do believe that. Travelling can reset your mind and body. It can bring you happiness and there’s ample research to suggest it is highly beneficial to your wellbeing. However, I’m also aware that for most of us, traveling is a necessity we cannot easily afford. And when we do afford it, it is a fruit of hard work hence choosing the place to go to and spend your hard-earned money is important. 

If you are thinking of going on holiday and looking for a perfect place, I have just the destination for you, the beautiful country of Georgia. 

I have listed 5 reasons here on why Georgia should be on top of your list for country to visit.

1. Good Value for Money

Georgia has a lot to offer, because it is located at the intersections of Western Asia and Eastern Europe, it offers the best of both worlds. This country has a combination of European modernity and Asian culture. The country is rich both historically and culturally. It is also the birthplace of wine, home to one of Europe’s oldest city and has 3 UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Jvari Monastery
UNESCO World Heritage Site
Filipinos in Georgia

2. Budget Friendly Tourist Destination

Everything is relatively cheap in Georgia! We are a big group so staying at an Airbnb that time was the right choice for us! For 3-bedroom house with a big living room and kitchen I paid £136.19 for 4 nights! I understand that there’s surge in expenses at the moment, so you won’t get the same price but it will still be cheaper compare to other destinations. Food is low cost too and there are so many places you can do and visit for free. They also have the cheapest price for a lift pass in Europe, it only cost €4.93 for 1 ride atm. For other prices you can check it here 

Gudauri Ski Resort

3. Amazing Cuisine

In 2019 Georgia received an award of the “Cuisine of the Year”, and there’s no doubt they deserve it. Their Kachapuri , a cheese-filled bread is the “Dish of the Year”.  


4. Breath taking, Diverse Landscape

I was convinced I love a city type of holiday up until I’ve been to Georgia. Their architectures, mountains, caves and falls are truly beautiful sights to behold. In fact, the CNTraveler has included Caucasus Mountains in Georgia their “51 Most beautiful places in the world”.

Caucasus Mountains Georgia

5. Visa-free Travel for citizens of 98 countries and for residents permit holders of 50 countries.

Check the list here. If you do need a visa to gain entry to visit Georgia, they are offering an E-Visa system whereby you don’t even have to leave your house while doing the application. Check my guidelines for E-Visa application if you are travelling from the Philippines.

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