9 Driving test tips to help you pass the first time.

I grew up in Philippines where people drive on the right hand side, traffic lights barely exist outside the cities and roundabouts or yellow box are unheard of. I’ve also never own a car let alone driving one before moving in the UK. But I managed to have passed my practical test first try and hopefully, with these tips below you pass it too.

How many pass their driving test first time?

In Great Britain there’s an average of 51.6% pass rate.

How to pass your driving test?

These are the things I did that I know helped me to pass it.

  1. Know your reason for wanting it as it will give you that determination to really aim for that license. It could be for a job, moving house or as for me , I had just gave birth at that time so I know it is the most comfortable way of roaming around with a baby. 
  2. Book your lessons as often as you can, it will give you the highest chance of passing as the continuity is proven to be incredibly important in any learning process.
  3. Book your test outside rush hours. After school drop offs is always a good one as roads tend to be quieter.
  4. Do not afraid or shy to ask or clarify things with your instructor.
  5. Watch YouTube videos of driving lessons/practical test. Different instructors has different way of teaching, choose videos that are similar to yours so it won’t confuse you.
  6. If you can, ask someone to drive you on the routes you know will come up on your test. There’s couple of big roundabouts I’ve asked my partner to drive me and asked him questions as well. I also like to see how others does it.
  7. Have an early night and good quality sleep the night before the test.
  8. On the day of the test, arrive at the driving centre in plenty of time, make sure to allow a time for toilet break before your test.
  9. And lastly, don’t be nervous, the examiner can sense it. 

 That’s it guys, Go nail that test. I know you can!


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