9 ways to prove your Strong Ties to your home country when applying for a tourist visa

What does Strong Ties when applying for a visa?

Strong Ties or deep rootedness to your home country is a vital part in any tourist visa applications. They are the compelling reasons that show you are going back to your home country or country of residence. These documents should be presented for the Visa Officer to believe that you will leave after your intended visit. These could be things, money, people and connections you have that bind you to your country of origin.

Ways to prove your Strong Ties when applying for a tourist visa.

We all know that in visa application, one size doesn’t fit all. Everyone has different circumstances, and some of these documents won’t be applicable to everyone. Each application is assessed individually. Just make sure to study your situation and provide as much evidence as possible.

  1. Marriage Contract or Proof of Relationship – If you are married but applying on your own, a marriage contract is one of the proof you can show. It will convince the officer you will return home. Those selfies you took when you were on a date can come handy. It will show that you have a good relationship and that leaving your other half is just temporary.
  2. Children’s Birth Certificates and their country of residence – it is one of the strong evidence you can show. My mum for example, has all her children living in different parts of the world. It shows that she is very unlikely to overstay with her tourist visa in one country. You should show evidence if your children are young and under your care.
  3. Proof of Employment – any documents to show this must be included. Payslips, contract and Certificate of Employment. You should provide a letter from your HR or Manager showing you’re taking vacation leave for this travel.
  4. Savings, Time Deposits, Stock Certificates and Bank Statements – show them what you’ve got! Who wouldn’t want to come back with all these? These are crucial part of the application, the Visa Officer tends to scrutinised this. Aside from showing what you have, it is important to show where they come from. Money or deposits coming in aside from salary or investment, you should explain all these in your cover letter. You need to explain every inheritance or remittances you received.
  5. Business Permits and any other source of income – This could be on it’s own or in addition to your proof of employment. If you have a business, you’ll need to provide Business Registration or License and Tax Returns. It really depends on the scale of your business and which country you are located. Other source of income is the money coming in on top of your main source of income. This could be from a side hustle or rental property.
  6. Properties – Owning a house, a rental property, land title or car registration are all good reasons to show your intention to return to your home country.
  7. Proof of Full Time Education – documents to show this could be a copy of term dates, enrollment certificate and receipt of tuition fees paid. If you are going on school term time make sure to provide a letter showing that they are okay for you to take time off school.
  8. Social Connections – if you are a member of any active or renowned clubs and organisations in your community, then definitely include this. Are you part of a church choir, charity events or basketball team? I would highly suggest to get evidence of these and submit them in the application. A letter from the head of the organisations or even pictures of the events show your strong social bond to your community.
  9. Proof of previous travels – These are the passports stamps showing your ins and outs in your country. It strongly shows that you are a genuine visitor who always come back after every travel.

I hope that this article helps you in all your tourist visa applications. Remember to be honest with it and never ever submit false documentation. It is not worth the risk. Good luck and all the best on your travels.

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