About Me

Hello guys!

I’m Evangeline, my friends and family call me Vangie. I’m originally from the Philippines but I’m living in London now for 12 years.

The birth of this page comes from the realization that despite 200,000 Filipino living in the UK and approximately thousand migrating every year there is not much information available online for them. Living in London is a dream to many, but it is not as easy as a walk in the park. Culture shock, the need to fit in and home sickness are real. I’m hoping this page could help my fellow Filipinos to settle here, to give them inspiration to keep going when everything feels heavy and to give them comfort when they miss their family. I’ll be writing articles, tips and my personal experiences as well as sharing my knowledge on how to adapt and live your best life in this foreign country you will now call home.

This page will also be a connection of my Instagram journey, https://instagram.com/jamesalexandernice which is about my blended family, the food we love and the adventures we like doing.

I have a lot to tell, I hope you guys stick around.

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