Jollibee UK and everything you need to know about them.

Jollibee UK

Jollibee pride itself to be the home of the world’s famous chickenjoy. It is the Asia’s favourite fast-food chain originated in the Philippines and is now globally successful having 1,400 locations worldwide.  When did the first Jollibee in the UK opens?  In October 2018, Jollibee opened its …

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What is a DSWD Travel clearance and who needs it? 

DSWD Travel Clearance

To put it simply, DSWD clearance is a travel clearance issued by Department of Social Welfare and Development for a Filipino minor child, who wants to travel alone, or with an adult who is not his parent or legal guardian. It is put in place to protect the …

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Thames Rockets Ultimate Boat Adventure

London's Thames Rockets

To celebrate my birthday this year, my family and I decided to try the Thames Rockets Ultimate Boat Adventure and it is indeed an unforgettable and memorable day. Seeing London’s Most Iconic Landmarks on a high speed boat ride is a thrilling and exhilarating experience. I would …

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7 best things to do in London

Big Ben London

London – a city rich with history and one of the most culturally vibrant and exciting place in the world. There is really no shortage of things to do in here, but I do understand that some of you don’t have the luxury to stay here for …

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5 Reasons Georgia is Great for Holiday

They say traveling is not a luxury, it’s a necessity, and I do believe that. Travelling can reset your mind and body. It can bring you happiness and there’s ample research to suggest it is highly beneficial to your wellbeing. However, I’m also aware that for most …

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9 Driving test tips to help you pass the first time.

Tips to pass your driving test

I grew up in Philippines where people drive on the right hand side, traffic lights barely exist outside the cities and roundabouts or yellow box are unheard of. I’ve also never own a car let alone driving one before moving in the UK. But I managed to …

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