How to write a detailed Cover Letter for UK Standard Visitor Visa

What is a Cover Letter for Visa?

A cover letter is an integral part of any visa application. It is a letter written by the applicant to express any personal intent in convincing the ECO (Entry Clearance Officer) that you are a genuine and credible applicant. In applying for UK Visa, it is rare that they will interview an applicant. A cover letter will be very useful in highlighting points and providing more information regarding the application.

What is a UK Standard Visitor Visa?

A UK Standard Visitor Visa is a Visa a foreign national need to acquire if they wish to visit the UK for up to short period of time or up to 6 months. You can check here if you need a visa. Tourism, visiting family members or friends, medical visit or short courses of up to 6 months fall under Standard Visitor Visa.

How to write a detailed Cover Letter for UK Standard Visitor Visa?

A compelling Cover Letter should be well sections or headed for easy understanding. It should include the following information about you and your circumstances.

  1. Introduction and travelling companions’ details if you have any. A quick introduction of yourself, and the purpose of the letter is always an easy and clear way to start. It will give the Clearance Officer an overview of you, as the applicant. This is also the best part to tell about your travel companion (if you have any) who will apply the same time as you.
  2. Reasons why you want to obtain UK Standard Visitor Visa. Examples for reason for visiting could be, tourism or visiting family and friends. It is very important to elaborate the reasons to make it easier for the case worker to understand. If you are visiting for tourism you can put things like ” I would like to visit UK as it has been always in my dream to explore the beautiful sights of London. I would also like to take the opportunity to celebrate my wife and I’s 10th year wedding anniversary.”. For family visit you can then say ” The main purpose of my visit is spend some time with my sister. I would also like to attend my niece’s graduation. Whatever your reasons are just put it here and be honest with it.
  3. Your Financial Situation. To prove you are a genuine visitor, showing evidence of your finances is a critical part of you application. Although you are submitting all the necessary documents with the application, it is still very important to highlight the means of your trip. If you have any deposits or any other source of income that’s not part of your salary then this is the best place to explain it. Money from parents, family members or from selling some belongings, its all good only if you can explain it. your caseworker don’t want any unexplainable money.
  4. Intention and Reasons to return to your country of origin. This is also known as your strong ties to your home country. The Home Office would like to know you won’t overstay. To prove this you should be able to see your intention to go back to your country of residence. Work, family members, properties under your name, studying, businesses you own, are all good reasons to leave the UK after your intended visit.
  5. Travel History. Another good way to show you are a genuine visitor is to highlight your previous travels. It will give them the impressions that this trip is with good intention. You can say “Travelling is always something I like to do. I work really hard and going to different places is a way for me to recharge and enjoy life. In the last 5 years I have travelled to 5 countries, some with families and some of them were spent with friends. Attached is the copy of all my visa stamps”. It’s completely up to you to mention all or a few of those countries you have visited in the past.
  6. Itinerary. This needs to be realistic financially and should coincide with your purpose of travel. If you say you’re travelling to the UK to spend some time with your family, it should show in your itinerary. Be mindful of your bank balance. Although there is no specific amount of money needed for a tourist visa, it is important that your itinerary is believable. You can’t say you’ll be eating out at 5* restaurants every day and not having enough money for it.
  7. Sponsor Details (if applicable). If this travel is self-sufficient, then this doesn’t apply to you. A sponsor is someone who will cover all or some expenses of your trip. It could be a family member who will finance you while you are in the UK, or a friend who will let you use his/her place for accommodation. Whoever is going to sponsor you should include their name and their relation to you. They have to specify what are they willing to sponsor you with and their status in the UK. If the sponsor will provide you with accommodation, then they’ll have to submit their Tenancy Agreement if they are renting or Proof of Ownership if they own the property. If someone is sponsoring you financially then their Bank Statements is necessary. They have to specify in their Invitation Letter that amount they are willing to spend on you.
  8. List of included documents (Optional). You’ll see the sample of my cover letter here that I didn’t include a list of included documents, but I know most people do. I felt like it will take up so much space from my cover letter. What I did though was create a separate page for my list of documents, this also serves as my table of contents. I’ll say this part is completely up to you.
Cover Letter for UK Standard Visitor Visa

That’s it guys! I believe all these informations will help you get that Visa you so much deserve. Don’t forget to check out my 7 Best Things to do in London, when you arrive. Have fun on your travels!


This can also be use with any visa application to other counties as long as you edit the details accordingly.

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