How to write an Invitation Letter for your parents’ application for UK Visitor Visa

An Invitation Letter for your parents who wish to visit us in the UK is one of the main requirements you can provide to strongly support their application for the UK Visitor Visa.

What is an Invitation Letter?

An Invitation Letter is a letter written by the host addressed to the applicant or the Consul to support a Tourist Visa Application. Although this is not a requirement for the UK Standard Visitor Visa, you should submit one if this is applicable to your situation. The letter states the willingness of the host to invite someone either to visit them or attend a business or family events. It will help the Home Office to assess how genuine the application is, and it can also verify the intentions of the applicant.

Who can write an Invitation Letter for their parents?

For the Invitation Letter to be a valid document, it should be written by:

  1. A UK Citizen or a person who is a lawful resident of the UK.
  2. Someone who can demonstrate the relationship between them and the applicant.

To whom do you address the Invitation Letter to?

  • You can address the invitation letter directly to your parents.
  • Or you can address it to the Entry Clearance Officer of the Embassy they are going to apply from.

Either of the addressee are acceptable.

How to write a detailed Invitation Letter for your parents?

The letter should provide information about you, your parents, and the trip itself. The following details should be present:

  1. Your full name and complete address
  2. Your contact details.
  3. Your legal status in the UK
  4. Your parents’ name and passport numbers.
  5. The reason for the invite i.e. Graduation Day, Wedding, or Birthdays.
  6. The dates of their intended travel
  7. You should also be very clear if you are providing any kind of support, either accommodation or financial. You should state if you are fully covering their expenses or only have a set amount willing to spend.

Documents you need to attach with your Invitation Letter for your parents:

Scanned copies of these documents should be provided along with the Invitation letter.

1. Evidence of your legal status in the UK

UK Passport or Biometric Residence Permit

2. Evidence of your relationship with the applicant

You should provide a copy of your birth certificate with your parents name on it.

3. Evidence of your capability to support your parents trip

  • 3 – 6 months bank statements, pay slips and COE. All of these should show that you are in the position to spend money on your parents visit.
  • If you are providing for accommodation, you should attach your Tenancy Agreement or House Ownership Documents – you need to demonstrate you have enough space to accommodate them for the duration of their visit.
  • If your provided accommodation is a Hotel, then you should provide the booking details and the booking receipt from the hotel.

Sample Invitation Letter for your parents’ application for UK Visitor Visa

Sample Invitation Letter for your parents' application for UK Visitor Visa
Sample Invitation Letter for your parents’ application for UK Visitor Visa

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