The ultimate Guide for Applying a Georgia E Visa from the Philippines

Gudauri Ski Resort - Georgia
Gudauri Ski Resort – Georgia

Early 2020 when my sister mentioned Georgia as our potential destination for family travel, I quickly jump to google and found all these picturesque sceneries. Because it was wintertime, a ski resort in the Caucasus Mountains, sounds like a perfect holiday. I mean how cool will it look for us, who all grew up in a tropical country to be in the famous snow town in Georgia. Skiing? Snowboarding? We got to try that right? 

Georgia is a stunning country located at the crossroads between Western Asia and Eastern Europe. It borders the Black Sea to the west, Russia to the north and Turkey, Armenia and Azerbaijan to the south. Tbilisi, Georgia’s charming capital has so much to offer. It oozes history, creativity and eccentricity. I obviously didn’t waste any time after knowing how beautiful the country is. I planned our family visit! Organizing a trip for 7 adults and 3 children who live in 4 different parts of the world could be daunting but I know the joy it will bring to my family, so I’ve started working on it. 

Tbilisi - The Capital of Georgia
Tbilisi Georgia

Steps to apply for Georgia E Visa

As a resident of United Kingdom, I don’t need to apply visa for myself, same for my brother and sister who both work in the Middle East. But I did process the application of my family members who are based in the Philippines, and this is how I applied for their E Visa. 

Step 1: Prepare all documents

  • Passport – (scan the bio page), your passport should have at least 3 months validity period with 2 free pages. 
  • Recent photo
  • Debit or Credit Card – it doesn’t necessarily need to be on your name. I used my bank card to pay for my family’s visa fee. 

Step 2: Fill in the online application form

Go to this website and fill up the application form

Each traveler should fill up out separate application and submit corresponding documents. It is also necessary to provide information about your companions to ensure joint examination of your applications.  You have to confirm that you are aware on the necessity of having a travel insurance which you need to present at a border checkpoint when you travel.

Georgia Travel Insurance

Step 3: Verify your email

Once done, you’ll receive an email, and you have to click approve on that. You only have 1 hour to verify this after receiving the email. So you need to make sure, you are free and with internet connection whilst waiting. 

Step 4: Pay the fee

Pay ($20 + 2% service fee) 

Step 5: Wait up to 5 days

Wait for result within 5 working days. Hoping you’ve been approved you have to print the Visa and bring it with you on your travel. 

Georgia E Visa
Georgia E Visa

My family got the 30 days multiple entry visa within the period of 120 days. And in February of 2020, I traveled with my family, and it is indeed our best holiday by far. I’ll be writing tips on how to travel in this beautiful country and the reasons why it should be on top of your list of places to visit. So, I hope you guys tune in. 


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