Small businesses owned by Filipinos in the United Kingdom

There are approximately 200,000 Filipino immigrants living in the UK right now. We work in variety of sectors. Majority of us are employed in hospitality and healthcare industry. But do you know that there are also a big percentage of Filipinos in the UK who owns small businesses? It really is not as surprising as we all know that Filipino people are indeed one of the most hard working and diligent people in the world. Below I’ve listed 4 small businesses around the UK owned by Filipinos.

Merienda LDN

Merienda LDN

The amazing aunt and niece duo, Shirley and Annie have established a business out of their cravings. Merienda translates to snacks or light meals outside the traditional meal staples. It could be sweet, savoury or a combination of both. Shirley and Annie found themselves craving for Buchi, a fried pastry made from glutinous rice flour, with sweet fillings and coated with sesame seeds. When they can’t find anyone selling it, they decided to make it. A very clever move I must say! Fast forward to today, they are now selling many variations of Filipino merienda like Crinkles, Ensaymadas, Ube bars and many more. Check them out and let them satisfy your own cravings! Orders can be made through their Instagram and Facebook page, Merienda LDN.

Jar Food UK

Jar Food UK

I have an utmost respect to Anj and Nov, the couple behind these home-cooked Filipino dishes. I have recently ordered from them and I can tell you that their food are amazing, they taste like home. cooked from the heart and with love. The dedication and thought they put in their business is admirable too. I love  the packaging and the branding, it stands out for me. Anj who have a passion for cooking conceptualize the business in 2012. She just recently moved to the UK back then and was looking for an easy solution to have a convenient home cooked Filipino food after her 12 hours work shift as a nurse. Ulam in a Jar was launched in 2022, they are selling 3 products, Laing, Bicol Express and Sisig. 2 products are soon to be available by the end of the next quarter. The couple together with their business partners, Elaine and Romanov are in the mission to provide a cost-effective and shelf-life stable home-cooked food you can totally enjoy. You can order their products by sending them a message through their page Jar_Food_UK on Instagram and Facebook. They are also available in a few Filipino stores around London and Kent.


Tob Tob's SIlavanas

Cz-ah is the Mumpreneur behind the most delectable Silvanas and Sans Rival Cake in London. Silvanas, is a frozen cookie made with a layer of buttercream sandwiched between cashew-meringue wafers and dusted with biscuit or cookie crumbs. Sans Rival cake, on the other hand is a layered cake made of meringue, buttercream and cashews. In 2020, she made Silvanas for her husband, posted it on her socials, and received inquiries from family and friends. She then decided to focus on it and she’s now a respectable supplier of many Filipino shops in the UK. You can also see her in market stalls. Recently she participated in the International Women’s Day, Supper Club in The Dodo Micropub. Cz-ah has a high dream to have her own shop in London. I’m rooting for her, there’s no doubt in my mind she’ll make it! Having tasted her products in the past I’m sure I’ll be a regular! To order, you may send them a message on Tob.Tobs on Instagram or Tob Tob’s Silvanas on Facebook.

Brought to you by JK

JK Gallego

A very talented friend of mine, JK Gallego, is a HMUA Stylist, who also had the opportunity to worked with the famous celebrities from the Philippines like Jodi Sta Maria, Yeng Constantino, Robi Domingo and many more. KJ, is the person to get in contact to when your hair needs TLC or you need a professional make-up artist for any occasion. Kedjohn is such a bubbly and talented person who ensures that he goes above and beyond your expectations. A valued trait, a respectable business owners have! You can book your appointment through his Facebook Page Kedjohn Kallego.

I’m sure these amazing businesses will appreciate any support you can give. Remember when you support small businesses you are supporting a dream.

Are you a Filipino who owns a business or knows anyone who does? Comment below or drop me a message to be featured on my next article.

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